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Lukács Olga
PhD, habil., Associate Professor, Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Reformed Theology
Healing of Memories in Romania – A Bridge between Churches, Cultures and Religions –
A Project of Loving one’s Neighbour

Abstract: The Christians’ ”healing of memories” is a comprehensive project, which requires the cooperation among history, cultural studies, psychology and sociology. In Romania, the Healing of Memories project (hereinafter referred to as HoMR) has aimed at implementing the Charta Oecumenica. The project was preceded by an interconfessional and interdisciplinary study and consultation. The study compared the historic perspectives of the churches, denominations and cultures in Romania.

The outstanding historical perspective of the healing of memories process aimed at gaining access to the various religious and historic perspectives, the participants learning as much as possible about each other, accept the others’ approach and share the pain caused by different historic events with each other. The project dealt with the positive relationships among the churches as well as the conflicts and the offences, judgments and misunderstandings that the different nationalities, cultures and religious denominations encountered during the centuries. Overcoming the inner, deep injuries could open new possibilities for coexistence, and Transylvania could become a role model in the future for the entire Europe.

According to Johnston McMaster the concrete steps in the healing of memories are the following: ”1. a walk together in history. 2. sharing each other’s pain, 3. preparation for the future”. In the Healing of memories project, 16 theological research and educational institutions, 7 history departments and 2 sociology departments took part. Furthermore, other six institutions were contacted and over 300 colleagues participated in the workshops and conferences.

What was the general objective of the HoM project? It was recollection and beyond recollection mutually getting acquainted with, understanding, accepting and sympathising with each other. The Healing of Memories project was a true success.

Keywords: Healing of Memories, Charta Oecumenica, reconciliation, interconfessional accepting, Transylvania Church History.

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