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Ioana-Mihaela Bonda
PhD, Scientific Researcher II, Babeș-Bolyai University, Academic Cultural Heritage Department
Il Concilio di Firenze nell’opera teologica del metropolita Alexandru Şterca Şuluţiu/
The Council of Florence in the Theological Work of Metropolitan Alexandru Șterca Șuluțiu

Abstract: In this article we attempted to highlight the way Metropolitan Alexandru Şterca Şuluțiu resorted to some provisions of the Council of Florence during the dialogue with the representatives of the Holy See. Wishing to offer an outline of his opinion, the Romanian hierarch also wrote three theological works in which he employed the decisions of the Florentine Council as fundamental arguments. In these works, the most frequently invoked aspects were those he considered essential for the preservation of the eastern identity of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church he was leading. Through his position, Șuluțiu sought to defend the eastern heritage of the ecclesiastical institution whose head he was.

Keywords: Alexandru Șterca Șuluțiu, Romanian Greek-Catholic Church, Transylvania, The Holy See

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