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Maria Alexandra Pantea
PhD, Researcher, Vasile GoldiƟ Western University of Arad
Notes of the Arad Orthodox clergy regarding the organization and conduct
of the Grand National Assembly in Alba Iulia from December 1, 1918

Abstract: The Orthodox Church played an important role in the events of the fall of 1918 and contributed to the achievement of the Great Union. The activity carried out by the priests from the Diocese of Arad, but also by its leadership in the autumn of 1918 is a clear proof of the Church's involvement in the realization of the national ideal. The representatives of the Diocese of Arad, Bishop Ioan I. Papp, Gheorghe Ciuhandu, Roman Ciorogariu, official delegates in Alba-Iulia, left important notes regarding the atmosphere in Alba-Iulia. In addition to these notes, there are also some made by several priests who participated in Alba Iulia accompanying groups of peasants. All these testimonies demonstrate the involvement of the clergy and the Church in the achievement of national unity.

Keywords: Church, intellectuals, priests, Romanians, notes, Union

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